Harvest Moon Movie

Harvest Moon Movie

He is based on Barley/Mugi from Friends of Mineral Town. Karen Forestgaze, a waitress on the Mineral Town bar, who intends to ultimately transfer to the large metropolis and become a dancer. She is fond of alcohol, and can also be properly-recognized by the men of the city for her attractiveness. She has a really unhealthy mood, but finally becomes good associates with Pete, and is sympathetic because of her harsh childhood. She is based relies on Karen from Harvest Moon sixty four and Friends of Mineral Town.

Other productions shot on the house embrace The Marshal, Millennium, and Ungodly Acts. Last year, the blue farmhouse was a featured ongoing location in the Netflix sequence Somewhere Between. And after all, as I even have already talked about, we’ve scene it in Hallmarks Harvest Moon and Love Struck Café. In real life, the blue farmhouse and land we fell in love with in Harvest Moon is actually Milner Valley Cheese. If the name Milner sounds familiar to you, it ought to as I wrote concerning the Milner Chapel here back in June.

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She is based on Jennifer from the Friends of Mineral Town remake. She has inherited her mom’s pink hair, and is likely one of the most beautiful women in Mineral Town. She is nice associates with Pete, and ultimately marries Gray. She relies on Popuri from Harvest Moon sixty four and Friends of Mineral Town.

harvest moon movie

Van, a man from another village who runs a shop on the inn each Wednesday. The con man, who often reveals up to Mineral Town to sell faulty merchandise to the villagers. He ultimately reforms after Maria provides him a pendent as a gift, and tells him that she will pray from him. He is predicated on the con man from Harvest Moon 64 and Friends of Mineral Town.

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